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De Beers Augmented 3D Retail Experience from @Holition

Holition partnered with 3D filming experts Pointy Stick Films to shoot a beautifully art directed promotional film detailing De Beers most dramatic pieces. The 3D film was displayed on a lenticular screen, which does not require 3D viewing glasses. The film was deployed globally, and a second film commissioned.
The solution engineered for this film required specialist expertise to generate the focal range required for achieving such detail of the diamonds, and is just the start of what this exciting medium can deliver premium retail.



100,000 people stopped and viewed the screen in the first four days of launch. The significant PR exposure that resulted helped lift perceptions of De Beers above those of being a typical jeweller and into the realms of innovative thinkers engaging their consumers with originality and creativity. The film has been previewed in New York and London and China.


"We are delighted with the quality of the production and the ability of the Alioscopy screens to stop people in their tracks. Feedback from Japan has been amazing. The campaign has generated a lot of interest and intrigue into the appearance of the diamonds in 3D and also into the technology that makes it possible."
Robert Cheng, De Beers Marketing Director