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Dunhill Augmented Retail Theatre from @Holition

On 16th March 2012 in Shanghai, Alfred Dunhill hosted ‘Trafalgar’and recreated the architectural and elemental spirit of London, presenting the House’s collection on an exceptional scale in front of 1000 global guests.

As if in a giant snow globe, the British luxury men’s brand showcased the timeless elegance of the collection on 64 Asian models, standing on ‘Trafalgar Square’ in a simulation of all four seasons, composed over a single day.

A full year of weather condensed over one day– Spring was dawn, Summer noon, Autumn dusk and Winter was night – was created by one of the longest single CGI sequences ever made, the magic of holographic projection, mixing the physical with the unphysical.

Holition worked with Campaign Design, Musion and Absolute Post to create this breathtaking fashion experience.



Dunhill were able to position their brand at the forefront of poetic interactions with technology.   The project has been widely distributed, and been hailed as a landmark project. Critically, over 250,000 hits to the Youkoo video of this experience in China were recorded in the first two days of launch. Additionally 45,000 hits to the You Tube video have been recorded in the two weeks since launch.


"Alfred Dunhill has been making things properly for over 120 years. It’s amazing to put on something or to carry something that’s properly made. You can feel it straight away, it is different. I think that in a modern, super-fast world, we forget that. This is a brand all about doing things to the very best that they can be done. Trafalgar is a celebration of that."
Jason Beckley, Global Marketing Director