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Forevermark Augmented Retail Jewellery from @Holition

My Forevermark Fitting is the first deployment of a 3D virtual try-on for pendants and earrings.  In this worldwide debut, the users are able to see the earrings and pendants sparkle in the light and to see how the jewellery will move as they ‘wear’ it. My Forevermark Fitting allows consumers to experience timeless earrings, rings and pendants featuring Forevermark diamonds.

Forevermark worked in partnership with leading creative agency AKQA and the global leaders in 3D augmented reality, Holition, to create the experience.

Try it on link;


The application has been launched simultaneously in Asia, US and Europe.


"Not only does the experience reflect all the beauty of a Forevermark™ diamond; it is also a remarkable digital achievement to have jewellery moving with the wearer in real time."
Stephen Lussier, CEO Forevermark