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Georg Jensen Digital Retail Experience from @Holition

Holition has created a unique application for the special launch of George Jensen’s ‘Fusion Ring Builder’ website. The website, designed and built by SpringSummer was activated to run in store using gesture to drive product selection.

The gesture application, developed with Holition’s partner Space3dsolutions, interacts with the online tool and allows users to feel the beauty of the George Jensen Fusion Ring Builder application, simply by selecting product with a hand gesture (much like the famous scene in Minority Report where Tom Cruise appears to select and interact with virtual images).

“Once in a great while, an original idea changes what jewellery can be. It happens only when all the pieces fit together – the mastery of the goldsmith joining the creativity of the wearer, inventing something new that neither could have imagined alone. Georg Jensen calls this singular moment Fusion.  Holition calls this, Innovating Future Retail”




"Holition’s collaboration with Georg Jensen provides a new way for luxury retailers to link the online/offline shopping experience and consumers to interact with product in-store: adding theatre to the retail experience"
Jonathan Chippindale