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Hannah Martin Augmented Retail Jewellery from @Holition

March 17th 2011 marked the launch of Holition’s latest creative collaboration with designer Hannah Martin, lighting expert Moritz Waldemayer, SHOWstudio and Dover St Market entitled ‘The Man Who Knows Everything’. The exhibition, a fusion of the ‘sacred’ and the ‘modern’, allows visitors to interact with Martin’s 18 carat Red Gold Comte’s Pyramid Ring through Holition’s cutting-edge AR engine.

A laser installation designed by Waldemayer encased the ring out of reach; the only way to try on the latest Hannah Martin piece was through Holition’s technology.

Media: Vanity Fair

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Secured significant international PR in Vanity Fair, Financial Times, Show Studio and WWD, W and Vogue.


"Hannah and I are always in search for new ways in which our customers can interact with our brand. Hannah's designs need to be experienced first-hand, however our clients are spread all over the globe; Holition's offering answers this need to a truly international audience. Working with Holition has been an amazing journey; their energy, enthusiasm and belief extends beyond what not only they do, but what we do. We have had unbelievable coverage and an even more brilliant response from clients to this partnership. It is rare to find such a dynamic and driven team, so we very much look forward to our next project with the team - hopefully the Dover Street Market collaboration will not be the last."
Nathan Morse, MD