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Vogue & Garrard Augmented Retail Jewellery from @Holition

VOGUE approached Holition to provide an augmented reality solution to Garrard, one of the oldest jewellers in the world. Creative Director of Garrard, Stephen Webster, was keen for the Holition augmented reality application to enable people to try on a 100 year old tiara from the street around the time of the Royal Wedding.
The project was intended to drive coverage, and support the VOGUE Streetlights collaboration with the Royal College of Art and Carol Woolton of VOGUE.



Great PR coverage, supporting Garrard’s positioning as a forward thinking brand.


"The try-on-a-tiara experience Holition created for Garrard enabled us to introduce an element of humour to the concept of our brand, supporting our commitment to British innovation by creating a fantastical experience in a fun compelling and interactive way."
Stephen Webster