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Heathrow | London Kaleidoscope Digital Signage

London, 2014

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Concept Development


01. Challenge - Encapsulate The Beauty of London In One View

Commissioned by London Heathrow Airport to unveil the opening of the new Terminal Two, Holition created a collection of kaleidoscope animations, which highlighted London's picturesque scenery through mesmerisingly abstract visuals.



Heathrow Terminal 2 - Behind The Scenes

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heathrow 04

02. Solution - A Multi-Dimensional Perspective of London


Britain was given a contemporary kaleidoscopic twist, recreating its iconic and symbolic landmarks into surrealist and abstract patterns that unfold and reveal themselves throughout the film. The kaleidoscope can still be seen on multiple large scale screens inside the terminals and around London Heathrow Airport.







03. Insight - A Subconscious Success

Despite the simple technical execution, the creative visualisation of the project showed the strength of the kaleidoscope animation and ovrelying idea. The zen-like patterns on the screens were seen by hundreds of thousands of travellers, and even if only for a moment, provided a sense of relaxation in an otherwise chaotic space.