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The Sustainable Angle | Window Displays for the 8th Annual Future Fabrics Expo

London, 2019

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01. Challenge - Material Pictionary


Tasked with turning materials into stories, Holition worked closely with Nina Marenzi, of the Sustainable Angle, to create a projection-based window display and entrance for the 8th Future Fabrics Expo in London.

Future Fabric Expo - The Sustainable Angle

"The eye-catching film projection installation shed light on nature's

impact on the fashion industry."

02. Solution - Making the Walls Move


Shown at the front entrance of FFE at Victoria House facing the busy Southampton Row street, the eye-catching film projection installation shed light on nature's impact on the fashion industry, whilst showcasing the opportunities to be leveraged within sustainable materials. The projection film played out a series of textural animations, inspired by the materials in the Future Fabrics Expo showcase. The film explored how such materials could transform from their raw state and into garments, without creating any additional waste, providing a new material outlook for the event attendees.

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future fabrics expo 9

future fabrics expo

future fabrics expo10

crafted from mushrooms

crafted from mushrooms2

03. Insight - Only The Beginning


In terms of traditional metrics, the success of the event was shown through the hundreds who shared a photo of the display on social media and through the increased footfall because of the window display; but in reference to the real measure of success, Holition is most proud to be contributing to the growth and development of the sustainable fashion industry.

future fabrics expo5

future fabrics expo13