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MEC Cannes Lions | Creative DNA Diagnostic Tool

Cannes, 2016

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01. Challenge - A Creative Take On Hyper-Personalisation


For Cannes Lions Innovation festival, Holition collaborated with MEC to unveil The DNA of Creativity: a visual art piece, which unlocks the data behind game-changing creativity. The installation, dubbed as a 'diagnostic tool' was a first of it's kind, pairing user's preferences and profiles with a matrix of data to generate a personalised output. Each user came out of the other side with a breakdown of their creative DNA, including their unique font, closely matched creative influencer, the country where your creativity would bloom, the best agency for them to join and more.

My Creative DNA | Cannes Lions 2016

"We have used technology and data to determine and visualise creativity."



02. Solution - A Super-Charged Personality Test


The DNA of Creativity was presented in a mirror-lined chamber that projected an LED video wall display into a seemingly endless space. This dazzling digital artwork used an entirely bespoke hardware and software solution to generate a user’s individual creative profile in real-time, drawing on the rich and varied archive of Cannes winners. The DNA of Creativity is thus both a tribute to the creative history of Cannes Lions and a glimpse into each individual’s creative future.






03. Insight - The Power of Data


The DNA of creativity saw a daily footfall of over 1,000 strong, generating completely unique profiles for each participant. Welcomed feedback from users showed that diagnostics and profiling were a lucrative area and the personalised results created memories rather than making for an ephemeral experience.  

“In today’s always on environment, data is everywhere. But without careful curation and interpretation it is useless."