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Sally Hansen I World's First Shoppable AR Nail Try-On

NYC, 2015

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01. Challenge - No Mess, No Effort Manicures


Sally Hansen asked Holition engage with consumers in a new and unexpected way on the increasingly popular world of mobile. In addressing the brief, three common pain-points surfaced that were crucial in defining our solution:

1) There isn't a way to 'test' a nail colour, rather you just get a manicure,

2) It's difficult to know what a colour will look like before getting a full manicure with a topcoat, and

3) Manicures at home can create mess and require skill. Merging all of these together, we created ManiMatch, the app that gives virtual manicures and allows you to shop the colours directly within the app.


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“We know that gamification is an on-going trend in the digital space and in exchange for social currency, consumers would be able to not only experience trying on nail polish in the virtual world but in real life with a free manicure.” 


02. Solution - Scan, try, buy


The mobile app used highly advanced real-time tracking and real-time light reflection to deliver realistic visualisations of nails, superimposed on users’ hands. Without uploading a photo, users were able to experiment with a variety of the more than 200 shades across various product lines in real time. As well as scrolling through shades, users were able to use the app in-store, by scanning the barcode of any Sally Hansen nail polish. In addition to try on, the app recommended users the best colour for them through instantaneous skin tone analysis. Drawing on elements of gamification, users were also able to ‘snap and share’ with friends on social media, ‘save the look’ for later and even click to purchase integrating intro all points of the consumers purchasing journey.


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03. Insight - Nailed It


Not only did the project see a large volume of app downloads and an increase in mobile sales, it also gathered trend data through understanding what users searched for, what they tried on, what they purchased and the number of times they used the app. The project was the first of its kind and expanded the limits of what was possible through augmented reality, paving the way for many innovations within augmented reality nails.


“Mobile is a fast-growing channel through which consumers engage with brands,” Sally Hansen’s Mr. Lowenstein said. “Therefore, it is important that we are with her in that space as a key consumer touch point.”



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“The app is addictive; everyone who tries it can’t stop herself from checking out more options,” 

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