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Holition Named 2021Top Agency of the Year

Holition 2021 Top Agency of the Year

Holition 2021 Top Agency of the Year

https://museaward.com/top-agencies.php(London, October 11, 2021) - The announcement of the MUSE Creative Awards: Season 2’s full list of winners marks the culmination of the awards programmes for the year 2021. Taking over 5,000 entries from all over the world in both the MUSE Creative Awards and the MUSE Design Awards, the competition has demonstrated itself to be one of the leading programs in honouring excellent individuals in the creative and design fields.

HOLITION takes the 2021 Top Agency of the Year award in the competition, with the winning work created by the London-based creative innovation studio for leading clients in the luxury, fashion, beauty, and arts industries.

Holition Top Agency of the Year Muse Awards ranking

Holition Top Agency of the Year Muse Awards ranking

Each year, MUSE selects ten amazing agencies who participated and won the most categories in the MUSE Creative Awards based on criteria set by the International Awards Associate (IAA). These ten agencies and companies are the epitome of creativity, strategy and expertise, where their unique understanding of brand insights allow them to think outside the box and into the realm of near perfection.


“Holition’s decade’s worth of work has pioneered a retail industry driven by technology, with a core focus on understanding the relevance of technology in retail. We are honoured that Holition has been recognised as the 2021 Top Agency of the Year by the MUSE Creative Awards and the IAA after having won twenty awards this year for its collaborations with leading brands in the luxury, fashion, beauty, and art industries. On behalf of the entire studio, Holition would also like to extend its sincerest gratitude to all of our clients for the continued trust in Holition.” - Jonathan Chippindale, Co-Founder & Chief Executive, Holition


Holition’s expertise and technological innovation in the application of creative technologies in the global luxury, fashion, and retail segment spans well over a decade.

Following the Season 1 results of the competition, Holition brought home a record-breaking twenty award recognitions for top tier clients such as Burberry Beauty, Jo Malone London, Clinique Laboratories, Carolina Herrera, and renowned global artist, Jenny Holzer.

muse awards holition 2021

muse awards holition 2021

With a total of fifteen (15) Platinum Muse Awards, three (3) Gold Muse Awards, and two (2) Silver Muse Awards, Holition garnered a total of 1690 points, putting the agency at the number one ranking among the top ten agencies.

muse awards 2021 holition

muse awards 2021 holition

The curated list represents an influential mix of disciplines that flourished under the spotlight – titans of the industry, traditional agencies, independent creative professionals, digital savants, PR and communications firms and storytellers. In a world filled with pockets of creativity, the best creatives will find their inner Muse and craft ideas filled with ingenuity and wisdom.


Alongside these collaborations that have been recognised at this year’s 2021 Muse Creative Awards, Holition’s well-versed portfolio also includes deploying creative retail experiences for established global luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, Dunhill, Burberry, Hermes, Rolls Royce, The Estee Lauder Group, L’Oreal Group, Puig Cosmetics and Fashion Group, and Coty Inc.


The awards programmes stay true to their objective of honouring professionals in both creative and design spaces, promoting the entrants’ excellent works in spite of the changing times wrought by the pandemic. All this is only possible with the commitment shown by the International Awards Associate (IAA), creator of the awards. “Evidently, the new normal has brought about changes to how people operate in the world,” said Kenjo Ong, CEO of IAA. “Despite the challenges, these individuals have shown remarkable tenacity in their continued excellence, as clearly demonstrated in their works.”


IAA upholds impartiality by enacting strict assessment criteria and organising a jury made up of industry professionals, who are living examples of excellence themselves. The 46-person jury from 25 countries then selects individuals whose works distinguish themselves, in hopes that these individuals would then set new benchmarks in their fields.



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